by Autumn's Descent

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Trivia about this song:

* Demo'd in 1995, DEADLETTER was the first song ever written for AUTUMN'S DESCENT.

* There are 5 extremely different sounding versions of the song:
- 1995 Tree Studios demo (never released)
- 1995 BH&BD demo
- 2002 DEADLETTERS version
- 2006 "Retteldaed" Version (never released)
- 2007 / 2019 "MDL" Version

* After multiple requests, AUTUMN'S DESCENT played the 2003 DEADLETTERS version of the song live, but only twice, in 2004. That version of the song was recorded an extra half step down from all the rest of the songs on the album. To prevent having to take extra guitars tuned differently on stage just to play that song, Asche re-recorded the guitars, synth, and vocals to match the tuning they were using at the time. The files for that version have since been lost in a hard drive crash.

* Asche has had the symphonic gothic version of the song (2003 version) re-recorded instrumentally from scratch since 2015. It still hasn't had the vocals recorded yet. But once finished, that version of the song is expected to be released on the forthcoming RESCINDING DEADLETTERS album.

* The "MDL" Version of the song was first demo'd in 2007 and underwent revisions off and on for 13 years before being released today.

* Trampas Young (Bass for AD from 2009-2011) received a rough draft of the "MDL" Version and subsequently said it was his and his sons' favorite song. Preparations were made, but the song was never played live during that time period of the band.

* The "MDL" Version of the DEADLETTER was initially on the set list for AudioFeed 2019, but was cut when it was announced that AD would be playing a 30 minute set this year.

* The bleeding heart logos used by AUTUMN's DESCENT were originally a symbol for the meaning of the song DEADLETTER.

* For years, when asked about the meaning of the song, Asche has refused to make a public statement on it, saying to "Draw your own conclusions."


My heart gets lonely for you...Endless miles away
And the distance we can't explain grows with every day
Words fall like the rain
On the page

You were so beautiful...

Your eyes mirrored the days gone by...The tears you couldn't cry
And the memories you once held so tight haven't burned quite as bright
Tears fall from my heart

You were so beautiful
You were the queen of my heart
When I fell, I fell hard
No matter how far away
You were the one I thought of
How I longed for your love...

What was now has been left behind... A break so hard it broke my pride
And this distance has grown so wide... I'll never cross it in time
New meaning I find...

You were so beautiful
You were the queen of my heart
When I fell, I fell hard
No matter how far away
You were the one I thought of
How I longed for your love...

You were my sanity
When everything [else] fell apart
I thought you'd always be there
My heart is heavy now
With the weight of your loss
A part of me died with you...

©1995-2019 AD Windblown Music, ASCAP. All Rights Reserved.


released June 7, 2019
Asche Relesser - All instruments & Vox
Recorded, Mixed, & Mastered by Asche Relesser @ AD Windblown Digital Studios - Indianapolis


all rights reserved



Autumn's Descent Indianapolis, Indiana

Autumn's Descent started in October 1995 as a hard rock project with industrial overtones. From 1996-2011 it became a live performing entity, releasing several albums & EPs, and performing shows across the United States. Starting in 2003, Autumn's Descent's music was licensed into TV Shows, Movies, and Video Games. Autumn's Descent is expected to return with new music and performances in 2018. ... more

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